After a month plus of working at my bureaucracy job, after getting a cubicle, computer, functioning phone, numerous office supplies, and even a few pay checks, my badge FINALLY lets me into the floor where I work. A month. A month of having to sketchily follow people in or call the poor receptionist to get up and open the door for me. We had been emailing my so-called supervisors, who were supposed to get this taken care of within the first week, but nothing ever happened. Who finally did it? The receptionist, probably driven by a desire to remain peacefully at her desk. She emailed the people who apparently control this sort of thing directly, and five days later, my badge works.

Seriously, though, no one told me that taking this job meant working in a situation somewhat akin to any one of those communist countries 25 or 30 years ago. If it’s going to be like communist Czechoslovakia, please, I might as well just be there.

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