First post abroad . . .

And I’m not even in Georgia yet.  But the Georgian travel agency that booked my flight was kind enough to give me a 13-hour layover in Warsaw, and the Warsaw airport is kind enough to offer free wi-fi, so here I am.

It’s so great being back in Europe — I really can’t say that enough. And Goodness knows that I love the Slavic world — Polish is so funny to me, I listen to the words and feel like I should understand them, but I just don’t quite. And it may or may not be annoying to people when I try speaking Czech with them . . . but unfortunately I do it anyway. Fortunately for the good people of Poland, though, I won’t be here for long — our flight leaves for Georgia in about five hours!

I say our, not my, because ten of us arrived in Warsaw at the same time on two different flights, from JFK and O’Hare, so we all got to go exploring around Warsaw together, which was lovely. The Old Town area is really very pretty — a lot more spread out than Prague (which, of course, is my only useful point of reference), but the buildings are similarly pretty, if not quite so spectacularly so. I realized that it was my first time seeing Europe in the winter . . . sort of reminded me of Chicago. Not quite so bad, though.

I’m really too exhausted (after my first of two red-eyes) to keep writing now, but the next post will actually be from Georgia!

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